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Greetings, Lords and Ladies of the Tumblr-verse;.
This post is to inform you that the Khajiit you’ve come to know and LOVE and by extension this blog (and Skyrim in general), has turned TWO years old!

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Kate!
Happy birthday to you!
(And many more!)

And this also makes post number 500. Hooray for small miracles!

Most of whatever had been stored in here had been moved out recently. The faint whiff of various food stuff still lingered in the air. A lonely cask of wine remained amongst larger pieces of furniture An armoire and oversized strongbox against the back wall, both locked of course. But no matter, Derkeethus had a set of lockpicks.

With the room completely devoid of anything not nailed down or just too heavy to move, we made our way back the outside and along the wall.

If there were anyone else up and about our dispatching of the solitary Dark Elf guard didn’t alert them. Which is kind of funny in a way. Because if an Elf falls, and there is no one else around to hear it, he still does make a sound.

Kind of a soggy, squelching noise. Like throwing a sack full of raw steaks down a flight of steps. Just don’t ask me how I know what sounds a bag of steaks make.

It’s funny how all the best stories start with ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’.

Yes, coming here did seem like a good idea. High walls, doors that lock, and even lit torches. Yes, the Imperial fort seemed like it was the ideal place to stay. But something else had  moved in.

Dark Elves had taken the fort and coming here was no longer a good idea at whatever time.

Yes, his armor will do nicely.

Now that I’m armed and armored once again I feel like I can take on the world! But one step at a time. I first have to survive the night. Then maybe finally get something to eat. I can’t even remember the last time I actually ate something…

Yes, all that and more may be in my future, but right now the strong walls and what lays behind them call us in.

From what I recall, Rorikstead was two days travel on foot West of Whiterun. I had relayed this information and we were both in agreement that venturing together was in our best interest.

Sundown was well upon us. Before long all the things that go bump in the night would wake and begin their prowl. We had to find shelter or risk ending our adventure prematurely.

As it turns out that Derkeethus had been captured by Imperial Guards to be used as bait to lure the Falmer out of the passage. The Imperial troop had been outnumbered, ambushed and captured. Derkeethus was last of the survivors. As it turns out, Falmer prefer to eat Nords and Elves over Argonians.

Now that he was free, Derkeethus was going to Rorikstead to visit his blood-brother.